Security and transportations

Safety is everyone’s business. By trusting us for your transportations, we have the responsibility to guarantee the respect of security measures.

This state of mind makes us realize that vigilance must be constant and measured by all.
From the orders giver to the trip producer, until the execution of the transportation by our drivers, all of them have to involved for the passenger’s security. All of them are considering the security as primary.

The respect of the regulation and customers’ security are enforced to our drivers. Mandatory breaks, limited driving times and driver relays must be accepted from all parties.


Regulations transportation information

  • 6am to 9pm: 45 minutes’ break for 4.30 hours of straight driving
  • 9pm to 6am: 45 minutes’ break for 4.00 hours for straight driving
  • Maximal day driving duration: 9 hours (10 hours once a week)
  • Maximal day driving for a driver: 14 hours